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Enhance Your Employee Skills with AI Assisted Training and UpSkilling Platform

The Future of Personalized Corporate Training

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Unlock your team's potential and
inspire growth with YogyaBano

Are you tired of traditional training methods holding your workforce back? Look no further than YogyaBano- the ultimate training tool that generates helpful answers to many questions employees have as they’re going about their work.

YogyaBano improves the performance of the newest and least-skilled workers.

Generative AI seems to powerful upskilling technology

Benefits for Training Managers::

Slash training costs by a staggering 60%, maximizing your training budget's impact.
Accelerate content creation, saving valuable time and resources.
Personalize training programs to match individual employee skill levels.
Most useful for newest and least-skilled employees who have most questions about their work.
Gain insightful talent analytics to optimize learning outcomes.

The Power of AI-driven Training

Generate helpful answers to many questions employees have as they’re going about their work.

Create Training Content Quickly

AI-Driven Learning Paths

Skills for Varied Roles and Industries

Realtime Talent Analytics

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Create Training Content Quickly

Organizations can create quality training content like quizzes, images and videos from our AI-Powered tools rather than building content from scratch or sourcing it externally.

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AI-Driven Learning Paths

24/7 personalized training bot that gives individual learning paths and course suggestions based on employee’s existing skills

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Skills for Varied Roles and Industries

We offer skill assessments and training modules for over 100+ industries and multiple vocational jobs

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Realtime Talent Analytics

Senior management and people management teams get a realtime view employees skills and needs at any time.

As per the research, generative AI based Learning Systems like YogyaBano
help to upskill newest and least-skilled workers. 

Cutting-Edge Content Creation: "Say Goodbye to Manual Grind"

YogyaBano's AI tools streamline the development of -

1. Engaging and personalized content for every employee
2. Multimedia-rich training materials - like text, image and videos
3. Create dynamic content like quizzes, surveys, evaluation tests etc effortlessly.

Unparalleled Talent Insights: "The Secrets to Effective Learning"

Advanced analytics provide valuable insights into your employees' progress, enabling data-driven decisions to fine-tune your training programs for maximum impact.

Talent Supply Insights

Affordable Excellence: "World-Class Training Within Reach"

With YogyaBano's innovative approach, you can access cutting-edge training solutions at a fraction of the cost, making top-tier skilling affordable for businesses of all sizes.

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Tailored Investments: Choose from flexible per-employee/month rates tailored to your budget.

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Personalized Packages: Customizable plans ensure you invest in the right training solutions for your needs.

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Scalable Solutions: Grow your business with adaptable pricing options.

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Smart Spending: Experience cost-effective training that maximizes your ROI.

Employees can Access from Anywhere in Any Language

Here's how it breaks down:

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Transparent Pricing: Enjoy straightforward, transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have witnessed tangible benefits like reduced turnover and increased productivity.

YogyaBano - Your All-in-One Skilling Solution.

up to 60%

Reduction in training costs and maximising impact on budget.


professional courses covering hard and soft skills across various industries.

1 week

Roll-out time to experience lightning-fast implementation


Average query resolution time

Take the first step towards transforming your training initiatives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between YogyaBano and traditional e-learning platforms?

YogyaBano's AI-driven platform provides personalised, adaptive learning with 24/7 support from AI assistants, ensuring effective skill development.

Can YogyaBano integrate with existing Learning Management Systems?

Yes, YogyaBano seamlessly integrates with popular LMS platforms for a unified learning experience.

How does YogyaBano's content creation work?

YogyaBano's AI tools enable efficient creation of multimedia-rich training content, with analytics for continuous optimization.

What analytics and reporting does YogyaBano provide?

Comprehensive analytics on employee progress, performance, and engagement levels, with customizable reporting capabilities.

How does YogyaBano ensure data privacy and security??

YogyaBano prioritises data privacy and security with robust encryption, access controls, and adherence to industry regulations.