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Interactive Onboarding Videos

New hires can get company orientation and procedures through engaging videos and interactive voice questions.

✔️ Personalized Onboarding
✔️ Voice bots to clarify on
procedures and processes
✔️ Automated Orientation
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AI Powered Course Authoring Platform

HR managers can create custom courses with quizzes, questions, and assessments to meet specific training needs.

✔️ Cost-Effective And Time Saving
✔️ Create content across text/Images and Videos
✔️ Generate Evaluation(Quizzes/MCQs etc) instantly
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Learning through Images

Upload an image to ask questions and receive detailed responses

✔️ Click and Upload
✔️ Cover All Use Cases
✔️ Tailored for Blue Collar and Frontline Workers
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Chat about Product Policies

Employees can ask questions about product policies in a conversational format, getting instant feedback and clarification

✔️ Send Voice Queries
✔️ Ask in Any Indian Language
✔️ Tailored for multiple industries
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👨💻 Took my first leap into YogyaBano today.

🖊️ It was simple to use & generated 25 pieces of unique evaluation questions from our existing process manuals.

⏳Total time cost for research & setting up a course was ≈ 3h (Instead of ≈12h)


L&D Manager